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– 360° MANPOWER 2.0 Value Chain Optimisation. Rated #1 or #2 in delivering quality Hire for ‘Winning Team’ Formation & HRM.

We Create and Sustain your Superior Performance with MANPOWER 2.0 for Competitive Advantage:

    1. On-Demand Hiring: Recruitment / Talent Acquisition Strategies and Services.
    2. On-Demand Team Extension: Smart Outsource / Offshore Services.
    3. Training Management Service (TMS): CPD & Learning solution in Collaboration with the best local Trainers.
    4. Tech-Enabled MANPOWER 2.0: Recruitment, LMS, HR-Payroll and Productivity software Deployment and implementation services.
    5. Bespoke MANPOWER 2.0: Virtual / On-site HR outsourcing services.
      Our Ultimate Deliverable: Your ‘Winning Team‘ Formation.

“We minimize time-to-hire, reduce cost-per-hire, increase recruiting bandwidth, Integrate sourcing with Applicant Tracking System and leverage talent pool data analytics and World-class Human Resource Consultancy. Experience MMC 360° MANPOWER 2.0, Value-Chain Optimisation Services Today”.

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MMC 360° - MANPOWER 2.0 Compliant
“HR should be every company's 'killer app' What could possibly be more important than who gets hired, developed, promoted, or moved out the door? Business is a game, and as with all games, the team that puts the best people on the field and gets them playing together wins, it's that simple.” - Jack Welch Former CEO, GE

At MMC 360° we provide robust Managed Solutions designed to cater to the needs of Small, medium and multinational organisations across the entire Manpower Value Chain. Our services allow you to maintain your agility to scale as required, and OnDemand without ever compromising on quality. 'At MMC, substandard is absolutely unacceptable! Hence, Today, with MANPOWER 2.0 we are transforming the way businesses acquire, manage and engage Workforce'.

MMC 360° MANPOWER 2.0 - Value Chain Optimisation

Our Vision: To be rated #1 or #2 in delivering quality hires for 'Winning Team' Formation, Manpower Value Chain Optimisation for Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance.

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Our Village - Companies we work with

In line with our 360° Manpower Value Chain Approach, we come to the table in Alliance, with our Partners, Clients and Customers rather than just as users or service providers. We combine our business acumen, entrepreneurial vision with amazing people and Technology-enhanced processes that empowers us with the ability to execute MANPOWER 2.0 requirements timely and effectively because Now, We can! ...and Most importantly, you are welcome to join us! achieve our vision in this space, It Takes a Village - African proverb.

Our Village

What they say about us

“Worked in operations at an SME for 8 years, gained tons of experience. In a nutshell, a vacancy in a Large Co. appeared in my inbox from I applied, and wow! Now Head of operations"

Now I am Head of operations!, Now I am Head of operations!

“Wanted to share a quick note to let you know that you guys do a really good job. It's great how easy your site are to update and manage.” Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc.

Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc., Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc.

"A 5 Stars Service on our search for Agricultural Extension officers. Recruitment Process, training, Learning Management and Certification". Imumoren Philip HR Manager Farmlisty™

Farmlisty, Farmlisty
Career Development and Training Management Service (TMS)

Keep / Grow your best talent with MMC Career Development & Training Management Service (TMS)

We Look after your training and competency needs, and Act as an extension to your internal training and competence team.

  • Engage & Train Staff
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • On-site & Remotely
  • Fully supervised Service

Get Real-Time comprehensive visibility of your workforce to informed business decisions.

Optimize your core HR and People processes by automating tasks and workflows with documentations.

We create strategies for workforce Motivation: a happy and diverse workforce always makes business sense.

Our Experts create Robust HR policies that allow businesses remaining compliant with global and in-country regulations.

MMC 360° MANPOWER 2.0 – Value Chain stats


1. Fast Recruitment and Talent Pool count

We select the most likely 'Ready to be Hired' and then Training is Recommended to the next inline


2. The Academy and Training Enrolment

Candidates next in line to be hired are forwarded to Training in collaboration with the best local Trainers


3. On-Demand Team Extension Strategy

Smart Outsourcing and Offshoring Service - Benefits: Cost Savings & Abundant Skills On-Demand staffing


4. Tech-Enabled MANPOWER 2.0 MSaaS

MANPOWER 2.0: Recruitment, LMS, HR-Payroll and Productivity software Deployment and implementation services.

MMC Operations & Partners

Where Great people +
State of the Art Technology = World Class Consultancy learn more about our (MSaaS) for recruitment, LMS, HR-Payroll and Productivity software email: [email protected]


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