Manifield Manpower Consultancy
– 360° MANPOWER 2.0 Value Chain Optimisation. Rated #1 or #2 in delivering quality Hire for ‘Winning Team’ Formation & HRM.

We Create and Sustain your Superior Performance with MANPOWER 2.0 for Competitive Advantage:

    1. On-Demand Hiring: Recruitment / Talent Acquisition Strategies and Services.
    2. On-Demand Team Extension: Smart Outsource / Offshore Services.
    3. Training Management Service (TMS): CPD & Learning solution in Collaboration with the best local Trainers.
    4. Tech-Enabled MANPOWER 2.0: Recruitment, LMS, HR-Payroll and Productivity software Deployment and implementation services.
    5. Bespoke MANPOWER 2.0: Virtual / On-site HR outsourcing services.
      Our Ultimate Deliverable: Your ‘Winning Team‘ Formation.

“We minimize time-to-hire, reduce cost-per-hire, increase recruiting bandwidth, Integrate sourcing with Applicant Tracking System and leverage talent pool data analytics and World-class Human Resource Consultancy. Experience MMC 360° MANPOWER 2.0, Value-Chain Optimisation Services Today”.

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What they say about us

“Worked in operations at an SME for 8 years, gained tons of experience. In a nutshell, a vacancy in a Large Co. appeared in my inbox from I applied, and wow! Now Head of operations"

Now I am Head of operations!, Now I am Head of operations!

“Wanted to share a quick note to let you know that you guys do a really good job. It's great how easy your site are to update and manage.” Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc.

Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc., Emilomo Associate Curator ARTMAZON™ Inc.

"A 5 Stars Service on our search for Agricultural Extension officers. Recruitment Process, training, Learning Management and Certification". Imumoren Philip HR Manager Farmlisty™

Farmlisty, Farmlisty
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