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7 Best Practices for Glassdoor Company Updates

There’s nothing quite like a timely hook to convince a job seeker that your company is where they want to work – that’s where Company Updates on Glassdoor come in. By posting compelling content regularly, you can give potential future candidates an even deeper view into your company culture, values and personality. So if you have any major product updates, company milestones, recruitment events or even holiday parties, it’s worth sharing it as an update on your Glassdoor page.

1. Post regularly.

A steady cadence of Company Updates on your Glassdoor profile will give potential candidates a robust picture of what the culture and values are like at your company. Followers will also be served fresh content in each of their weekly emails. Get candidates excited to work with you by sharing the latest on company milestones, news stories, product releases, community service, future innovation and more. Share photos, links to news articles and press releases to let Glassdoor users know what your company is up to and how well it’s doing.

2. Vary the content.

Feature an array of content types. Be sure to showcase a mixture of fun, philanthropy, innovation and future vision. An IPO or an earnings announcement, a product launch, a new office opening, a company party, or even just everyday office life! Invariably, prospective candidates want to see authentic content generated by employees rather than only sharing processed messages submitted by HR.

3. Showcase diversity.

Include photos, videos and articles that represent an accurate cross section of your workforce. Be sure there is representation of a wide range of races, abilities, cultures, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, backgrounds and more. Any candidate interested in coming to your company will feel more comfortable knowing there are others like them working with you already.

4. Make mission central.

With everything you publish on your Company Updates, be sure to tie it back to your company mission and values. Keeping that drumbeat steady will strengthen the perception of what you believe in as an organization and where you consistently place your priorities. If what you feature underscores your mission as a company, it will serve to deepen interest with job seekers passionate about and motivated by what you do at a fundamental level.

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5. Keep posts short.

To ensure that your followers are fully taking in your Company Updates, keep the length of your posts bitesize and the tone positive. Even if you’ve written the best Glassdoor Company Update ever, if it’s too long there’s a likelihood that your audience will scroll on by. Get to the point quickly, and lean into visuals to make your message pop.

6. Time it right.

Post during high-traffic windows, a.k.a internet rush hour, to maximize visibility. A post on Friday afternoon is less likely to get noticed than one posted on Monday morning. Use Company Updates analytics to see how posts perform and Follower Engagement analytics to see how your Followers respond. Look for patterns around when you get the most engagement, and post at peak times for your brand.

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7. Target your audience.

Use your company’s Follower demographics to find the largest audiences and tailor content to their needs. For example, if there are a lot of engineers or product managers among your Followers, post about new products. And if you want to get even more strategic about who you reach, Glassdoor’s Targeted Company Updates, available with an Enhanced Profile Select Package, allow you to get your Company Updates in front of the right audience: high-quality, informed candidates in your area with the right experience, credentials – and motivation to work with your company.

Learn more about Targeted Company Updates by contacting sales.

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