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4 Best Practices for Analysing Reviews on Glassdoor

Data gleaned from Glassdoor reviews offers a strategic source of insights for HR leaders and decision makers. In addition to gaining insights into jobseeker engagement with your profile, your organisation can also organise, review and analyse all review-related data in one place with your Glassdoor Employer Profile.

  1. Ratings & Interview Trends.
    With a free Glassdoor Employer Profile, your organisation can quickly see ratings and interview trends over time and how those results correlate to changes within the company.
  2. Ratings Analytics.
    Your organisation can also break down ratings by job function and location to uncover high- and low- performance areas, and build employee engagement strategies.
  3. Keyword Analysis of Reviews.
    Generate easily scannable word clouds of what your employees commonly say are “pros & cons”, in addition to “highlights” from your interview reviews. This feature is available with Glassdoor’s Enhanced Employer Profile.
  4. Review Intelligence™
    Using Glassdoor’s Review Intelligence™ tool, you can extract insights hidden in your reviews, saving your HR and employer branding team considerable time and energy. This feature is available for an additional cost with the Select Branding Bundle (Glassdoor Enhanced Profile Select + Review Intelligence).

How to Leverage Glassdoor Review Intelligence™

Review Intelligence™ is a powerful sentiment analysis tool that makes it much easier to analyse Glassdoor reviews and take the guesswork out of what your employees are saying about you.

Review Intelligence™ allows employers to unlock insights from employee reviews and understand the “why” behind their ratings, surfacing valuable patterns in feedback in order to better inform your employer brand strategy. Lengthy reviews are distilled into a clear sentiment “snapshot” so employers can discover what’s working, what’s not, why and where, all without having to parse through numerous reviews. Review Intelligence™ automatically surfaces insights hidden in employee reviews, enabling talent professionals to more effectively drive improvements to their employee experience.

  • Surface what matters to employees and candidates. Our natural language processing (NLP) engine automatically sifts through your reviews to understand sentiment and transform it into high-level insights:
    • Detect and categorises popular review topics
    • Identify which review topics need attention based on positive or negative sentiment
  • Drill deep into the most common review topics. Easily identify bright spots and areas in need of immediate attention by digging deeper into various review topics including Management, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion to reveal hidden insights.
    • Pull and surfaces key quotes from new reviews
    • Break down sentiment and feedback by job function and country
  • Share reports to inform leadership. Bring insights and reporting to leadership to drive improvements in the employee experience. Share compelling executive summaries with leaders that will drive improvements in your employee experience:
    • Show key changes in sentiment over time
    • Benchmark your company’s sentiment against competitors to inform your unique employer brand

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Using Reviews to Advance Your Organisation’s Employer Branding

In our constantly connected digital world, your employee experience is your employer brand. Prospective candidates are using reviews to make decisions about the companies they interview with, and employees are using reviews as a benchmark for gauging how much their companies actually care about their needs. Your employees’ authentic voices reside in their Glassdoor reviews — listening, responding, and analysing their sentiment will influence your employee experience, jobseeker decisions, and company reputation for the better.

To start leveraging the power of Glassdoor Review Intelligence,™ schedule a demo today.


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